The Best Jobs for Felons

There are lists of best jobs for felons such as a delivery driver, general laborer, stock clerk, and barber etc. The trucking companies hire felons for their transportation.

There are some things considered when companies hire felony applicant which includes commercial driving experience, steady employment background, clean driving record, and graduation from reputable trucking school.

Regarding truck driving career, the felonies want to hire for that job. The truckers considered an essential part of every industry containing automotive, manufacturing, food, and retail industries. The truck driver career has strong growth due to globalization and extension of business networks.

Truck driving career


The truck driving career typically requires lifestyle like a job because scheduling is the most detrimental element of driver’s performance. Perhaps, schedule considers hardest aspects for drivers. However, the best jobs for felons are truck driving if they have strong commercial experience of driving.

Felons can be trained for truck driver positions to reduce the crime rate in the country. The truck driving career is not lucrative as compared to other profession but drivers can earn a lot.

Once a truck driver got a truck driving license, they can drive countless other vehicles as well. Furthermore, there are certain realistic expectations from the truck driving career.

Realistic expectations of truck drivers:

  • Stress is a major element of the job.
  • Communication skills key to success.
  • Changes are necessary for a successful career.
  • Suffer relationship.

Such expectations built motivation and inspiration among drivers to continue career profession as a truck driver. Hence, truck driver career can earn a lot if they committed to their job because this profession involves many challenges.

Such challenges may be time, away from friends and family, and manage truck responsibilities.

Name of companies who hire felons

One of the largest jobs is trucking because people have sufficient time to pass since conviction date. In this regard, there are certain trucking companies that help for felons in a truck driving career.

Felons can get a job in trucking companies if they have valid CDL license and driver should be at least 21 years old and 10 years of driving record. Various trucking companies like swift transportations offer online application for the truck driving job.

About trucking companies that help for felons. The other companies such as J.B hunt, Shaffer tracking, Crete carrier, Dutch maid logistics. Celadon, CR England, dick lavy trucking, JBS carrier, and hunt transportations.

These companies hire felons with a conviction of 10 or more years old. In addition, companies hire felons with the conviction of 7 or more years old are Roehl Transport, Stevens transport, Melton truck lines, PGT Trucking, Knight Transportation,and Falcon transport.

Felons can hire in construction companies


The felons can hire in construction companies if they have suitable background with relative experience in the construction field. Many construction employers realize that criminal history has nothing to do with personal skills and performance.

The felons are willing to do the manual job and find construction companies to do a labor job. If felons do a good job then they may make career construction field. The best jobs may be in Construction Company because constructors or contractors need labors to execute the labor-based job.

Name of construction companies who hire felons

Pualey Construction LLC, HDR remodeling, Trawick construction company LLC, Envirolink Inc., and triple diamond construction companies hire felons for various projects. The main reasons to hire felons for the construction project are a commitment, hard work, and motivated towards their jobs.

Hence, construction companies help felons to hire them for a job to make a sustainable career for felons.

Felons can hire in Fast Food Restaurants


McDonald’s is the biggest example in a fast food restaurant who hires felons for various jobs. The convicted felons apply for various jobs in fast food restaurants because the restaurant job can better be handled by felons.

The McDonald’s fast food restaurant is owned by a franchise. Therefore, hiring and firing policies are different from one franchise to another.

Due to the strong establishment of fast food restaurant, the felons can be hired for a variety of job likewise serving, hosting, cooking, waiter jobs. In addition, cafes and bars also create a number of opportunities for felons.

Name of fast food restaurant who hire felons

Many fast food restaurants including KFC do hire felons with strong regulatory scrutiny of the candidate. The other fast food restaurant giants do the practice of hiring felons including five guys, subway, and Dominos pizza.

Now the question is why fast food restaurants take interest to hire felons. Due to a higher turnover of staff and slower growth progress of employees creates job opportunities for felons. Therefore, it is necessary for felons to showcase their skills and hard working to unleash their progressive skills in fast food restaurant.



The landscaping companies provide a landscape to residential and commercial customers. A team of professionals assigned to provide efficient and regular maintenance of gardens, lawns, water management, and might be irrigation services.

The landscaping can be another option because landscape companies looking for hardworking and committed candidate who can do all services related to landscaping.

There is a number of landscaping companies such as construction companies who hire felons. The felons can directly contact landscaping companies and showcase their skills and commitment to get hired for the job.

The landscaping job is good options for felonies because such jobs do not require any technical experience or knowledge. For this reason, the landscaping companies can hire felons with a little or minimal training.


The self-employment can be good jobs if felons have strong potential to make a startup or start own business. The self-employment means felons start their own business such as freelance rather than go for an employer.

There is a possibility that felony has unique skills in web development, and then they may handle clients and can start won business. Being self-employed felons, there is no need to pass employment background experiences and knowledge.

The entry-level hourly wage of self-employed felons is $17.71 and the average hourly wage is $35.63. Such figures represent that self-employment is good choice.

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