Canadian Sports System

The sports system in Canada has a three-tier structure: sports organizations of national, provincial and municipal importance. These organizations are funded from the federal, provincial, and municipal budgets, respectively. For example, a typical urban pool is funded by a local municipality, and the Canadian National Swimming Team receives federal funding. Sports organizations in Canada actively promote a healthy lifestyle, develop special programs for the development of professional sports, family sports, sports for the disabled.

The Government of Canada supports special programs aimed at educating the younger generation in sports traditions, funds are allocated for the construction of sports facilities and the development of sports schools throughout the country.

Most Canadians are active fans and are proud of the national sport: hockey, basketball, football, figure skating, etc. Professional sports clubs are united in leagues that reproduce promising young people. Continue reading “Canadian Sports System”

What kind of bushes grow in the shade

It is of prime importance to draw out a shade map in your garden. This will assist you in the final design and implementation of your plan bearing in mind that different shrubs will grow well depending on the amount of shade it experience in a day. If you cannot figure out the sunlight map, use trial and error method as you constantly watch where the sun loves shining on during the day and where the shadow is cast.

Varieties of Shade Tolerant Plants

Improve your garden and explore its full potential by planting these shade tolerant plants for a luscious green and flowered garden for your liking. Plant the following common shrubs:
Carolina allspice – Known for its spicy aroma and purple-green flowers. This will be a perfect addition to your landscape.
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pool vacuum

What to Consider When Looking For the Best Pool Vacuum

Purchasing the best pool vacuum is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to ensure that you will find the best one that will meet all of your needs. Due to this, there are some factors to consider first before buying. Generally, the rule of thumb is to buy the best and efficient model that really suits for cleaning your pool. Continue reading “What to Consider When Looking For the Best Pool Vacuum”


About Manure. How Much, Where And When?

FRESH: You don’t always have to wait to use your muck. Some plants such as runner beans and squash will happily grow in planting holes or trenches enriched with a good helping of fresh muck. Add a minimum of a spadeful per plant. Cucumbers and melons will also grow excellently on simple ‘hot beds’ built with a layer of fresh muck topped with soil or well-rotted garden compost to plant into. Once they’ve died down comparatively fresh muck also can be stacked on top of rhubarb plants in autumn. It acts as a protective ‘hat’ for winter and they are going to grow up through the rotted remains in springtime. Continue reading “About Manure. How Much, Where And When?”

Cut and Come Again Salad Leaves – Tips

Most of our popular salads have a neat trick that you could take advantage of. If you snip off the top growth (or pick individual leaves) when large enough, leaving the growing point attached, the plants will regrow allowing one to harvest them 2-3 times before they run out of steam and must be resown. And that is just what cut-and-come-again crops are – plants that can be cut, or harvested, more than once. This is a great way to produce all your salad needs in a very small space and it allows you to grow such a wide variety of leaves, all with different flavours, in one small tray. Continue reading “Cut and Come Again Salad Leaves – Tips”