What kind of bushes grow in the shade

It is of prime importance to draw out a shade map in your garden. This will assist you in the final design and implementation of your plan bearing in mind that different shrubs will grow well depending on the amount of shade it experience in a day. If you cannot figure out the sunlight map, use trial and error method as you constantly watch where the sun loves shining on during the day and where the shadow is cast.

Varieties of Shade Tolerant Plants

Improve your garden and explore its full potential by planting these shade tolerant plants for a luscious green and flowered garden for your liking. Plant the following common shrubs:
Carolina allspice – Known for its spicy aroma and purple-green flowers. This will be a perfect addition to your landscape.
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Honeysuckle – Honeysuckle shrubs are available in many varieties. There is the short and shrubby variety and the climbing type. Whatever you choose, plant this shrub closer to your homestead and you will appreciate the fragrance it emits.

Gardenia – Gardenia is the type of shrub you will need particularly if you live in a warm climate. It is evergreen throughout the year and grows well in moist soil. When it blossoms, the white flowers on your landscape and the fragrance will definitely steal the show.
Viburnum – Viburnum stands for the definition of shade-loving. If you need an under plant, then this is definitely for you. They have sweet smelling blossoms too to spice up your backyard.
JuneBerry – This shrub is a garden decorator. In spring, it will splash your garden with white flowers and later with small reddish purple berries.
Barberry – Barberry strives well when exposed to a partial shed irrespective of the growing conditions-it can grow in a number of them. Its stem is thorny and blossoms with spectacular yellow flowers.
Azalea – when it comes to a shrub that is multi-purpose and ever useful, then it has to be Azalea. Not only does it love the shade it grows in, it harmonizes with it providing a perfect synergy. It’s evergreen too and when it blossoms, it is a sight to marvel. Azalea can be used as a foundation plant, grown as hedges or even as standalone specimens.

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