How To Care For Big And Small Pooches

Dogs are our faithful companions. So we should not forget about their good nutrition, education and progress. Here are some interesting dog owners questions:

Should I be giving him grains?

Question: Feed or not to feed grains to my dog. Are grains bad for dogs?


Answer: Buying dog food can be a daunting experience. There are a huge number of products available now, and they often appear to be offering different things. Grain-free food, for one, is increasing in popularity.

Essentially, you are looking for a balanced food; one that contains complete nutrition. There is no evidence that grain is bad for dogs. In fact, many grains are nutritionally beneficial; they include many vitamins and minerals, and are high in fibre and essential fatty acids. These are oil important nutrients for your dog.

They will be able to offer suggestions about give you correct guidance on nutrition, and how you can handle this.

Brother & sister

Question: We have recently bought two puppies, who are brother and sister. We are delighted with them, but everyone is now telling us we should never have got two puppies. I’m concerned. They appear OK and get on really well, but do you think they will fight when they get older?


Answer: Two pups, whether from the same litter or not, are simply hard work. That said, plenty of people do it and there should be no reason for you to have any regrets, as long as you take into consideration some key points.

Socialise them individually. This can be essential, as both pups should be confident in their own right. It’s often the case with two puppies that one is more confident in relation to the other, which doesn’t cause an issue until you split them up and the confident one falls.

Motivating the pups is frequently harder, meaning training can be difficult. So spend quality time training and playing with each of them individually.

There should be no reason for the pups to fight as they mature, especially as you have chosen a dog and bitch.

Puppy portions

Question: We have just got a three-month-old puppy. How many times a day should we be feeding him?


Answer: Now that your puppy is three months old, you can start to think about reducing the number of times you feed him to three meals a day. Some dogs are very good at regulating their intake, and as he gets older, you might notice that he’s not that interested in his middle meal.

By six months of age, most dogs will be ready for just two meals a day. As he gets closer to being a year old, and when he appears ready (in other words, he’s not eating so much at a particular mealtime), you can then decide to either stick to twice a day, or reduce his meals to once a day. It will also depend on what fits around your lifestyle.

By taking him to the vet’s to be weighed regularly keep a test on his weight. It can be hard to judge whether a pup’s growth rate is optimum, and it’s important as his joints will affect that he is not permitted to become overweight. Your veterinarian or vet nurse will be best placed to advise on this.

You will discover that the pup will like to have a daily routine, so attempt to feed at exactly the same time each day. Many people find that feeding their dog at the exact same time as the rest of family are eating is a great way of keeping them occupied!

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