The Best Deep Fryer You Can Buy

The favorite dish of all will be the crispy french fries loved by you, if you have a deep fryer on hand. And if you have children – you can’t avoid buying this miracle device! Now you can easily arrange a small holiday at home, adding to the fried potatoes delicious dishes prepared in a deep fryer instantly and without worries. Your family will certainly appreciate the delicate and juicy dishes with a crispy crispy crust.

Fish and seafood in batter, meat and cheese fondue, donuts and fruits are easily cooked in this appliance, minimally using your hands. You don’t have to think about the menu for a long time if the guests rushed into the house – you can prepare any products from your refrigerator in the deep fat fryer! And not much oil is needed.

The Best Deep Fryer Overall

Tefal Actifry FZ7010

Tefal Actifry FZ7010 bästa klassiska fritöser och airfryers


One of the best low-cost deep fryers for the home, a round bowl and a basket are provided in the design, and the bowl cannot be removed. But the cover is removed – it is quite enough to pull it up. The bowl has a non-stick coating, has a spout for draining oil. The lid is easy to close and open. Convenient plastic handles are available for transportation. When draining, the oil passes through a special filter that traps food particles and soot, so it can be reused. Temperature adjustment is carried out using a special rotary lever. The temperature range is 10 degrees.

To wash such equipment is not too convenient because of the fixed bowl. On the back of the lid there are a number of holes and depressions, which also makes the cleaning process more difficult.


  • The case is made of stainless steel;
  • High build quality, no backlash and extraneous creaks;
  • Warms up quickly to operating temperature;
  • Takes up little space in the kitchen;
  • It does not require a lot of oil – the bowl contains only one liter.


  • No storage compartment for cable;
  • It should be opened very carefully, since it is likely to get burned with hot steam;
  • Sometimes the cover is simply thrown out when you press the open button – it is also worth being careful;
  • The surface under the fryer is very hot;
  • Washing is very uncomfortable.

Delonghi MultiFry FH1396

Delonghi MultiFry FH1396 Fritös test

This model is equipped with a convenient hinged lid of a removable type, which opens when you press a button. If there is a basket with the product in the bowl, then quite a lot of effort is required to close it. The lid has a small viewing window that allows you to see the degree of cooking. Nearby is a filter compartment with a plastic cover. The filter is used either carbon (its thickness is about 3 mm) or synthetic (1 mm thick).

The bowl is made of edible aluminum, coated on both sides with non-stick compositions. If necessary, it can be removed from the fryer. The heating element is spiral, located directly below it. The case is made of reliable white plastic, including all control buttons. Thanks to the thermostat, you can adjust the oil temperature in increments of 10 degrees, an electronic timer is located on the right side of the case. The basket and lid may be washed under running water. The bowl should only be cleaned, it is forbidden to immerse it in water.


  • Low oil consumption
  • Simple operation
  • Very convenient basket;
  • A niche for the power cable is provided;
  • Takes up little space.


  • Despite the fact that the case is thermally insulated, it heats up a bit;
  • There is not enough power to fry meat in deep fat.


On the one hand, you cannot call a deep fryer an assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But on the other … If you like french fries, it is better to do it at home. So you will be sure that the oil is of good quality and not overheated 10-20 times. You can, of course, use a pan or pan. But in the deep fat fryer, cooking fries is much more convenient, faster and safer. Let our rating help you choose the most convenient, most beautiful and most suitable deep fat fryer for you. Have a good shopping!

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