3 Best Budget Thickness Planers Under $500

As much as you would like your furniture to have a smooth finish, you should use the best wood planer. Also, you might require refreshing your old wood products by smoothening their edges by the utilization of a perfect thickness planer.

However, you might notice that your budget does not support the purchase of a costly one, although you need it more. This might call you to buy a cheaper model which is affordable and available with the support of your pocket. In that case, there are more affordable wood planers which cost below $500 but have great features to ensure that they function accordingly. Despite the cheap cost, these wood planers can provide you with a variety of tasks including sharpening and smoothing your wood. This is a conservative approach, and you will save a ton by buying one of these woodworking machines.

WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer

WEN 6550 Benchtop

Among the best wood planer under $500, WEN 6550 Benchtop model remains the best. Featuring some great functions which enable it to fit into the current furniture yard, this equipment becomes an essential option to consider. WEN 6550 features a granite table to provide a stable base for smooth movement of your wood for quick sharpening. Also, the wood planer has 15 amperes motor which generates 18,800 cuts per a minute. To ensure that your workplace is clean and tidy, the wood planer has a dust port which is stimulated by a fan which will remove the sawdust.

Read more reviews about WEN thickness planers here: https://routplanix.com/best-wood-planer-reviews/

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp


Are you roaming in the markets looking for a more presentable and well-designed wood planer? Your solution is simple. Make a quick request of a wood planer which will be shipped immediately to your localities.

This is a cheap purchase of DEWALT DW734 15 Amp Benchtop Planer which features the perfect design to ensure that you expect much from it. This one features a powerful 15 ampere which works under 20,000 rotations per minute to provide deeper cuts to your wood. Also, the item has three knife cutters to ensure that it can cut a maximum of 96 cuts per inch. Besides, it features a 4-column carriage lock which correctly minimizes the movement responsible for the creation of a snipe.



As much as you need to have your furniture well sharpened and smoothened, you should employ the use of the best woodworking machine for a perfect job. PORTER CABLE 15 Amp has all the features you would consider while making your purchase. This model is powered by a 15 amperes motor which has a high electric power to generate around 18,000 rotations per minute which will be incredible for deep cuts. Also, the device has a flat table base to ensure that your wood slides more smoothly to make sure that they are well sharpened for a perfect look.

Simply, wood planers are expensive to purchase whenever you value high-quality performances. Also, they are supposed to have distinct features to ensure that they perform the best with consideration to the cost. Whenever your pocket cannot support a buy of a highly charging woodworking machine, you should not leave the issue at that point. It’s evident that there are still some models which cost under $500 and still perform excellently. Also, these devices have the same features to those that cost beyond your affordability and can, therefore, consider buying one instead of rubbing your head wondering where to get the enough money for the costly ones. The budget thickness planers have perfect features for the perfect job. Try these models today, and all your projects will be done at the highest level!!!

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